Additional Chapter Resources

We have compiled additional resources for each chapter of Undertaken With Love.  If you can add more resources to what we have already compiled, please contact us. Your additional input will help make the information richer for everyone.

General Resources

This listing is not an endorsement, as we might not have had personal experience with all of these entities. In general we favor entities of a not-for-profit and noncommercial nature that are at least national in scope. We reserve the right whether to include a particular organization or individual on this page and to make changes to the listings from time to time.

Books and Publications

  • A Plain Pine Box: A Return to Simple Jewish Funerals and Eternal Traditions, by Arnold M. Goodman
  • Caring for the Dead: Your Final Act of Love, by Lisa Carlson
  • Dealing Creatively With Death: A Manual of Death Education and Simple Burial, by Ernest and Jenifer Morgan
  • Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial, by Mark Harris
  • The New Natural Death Handbook by Nicholas Albery
  • See Holly Stevens’ booklist on

Funeral Consumer Sites

  • The Funeral Rule of the Federal Trade Commission: A resource of information about funeral consumer rights and options, industry compliance guidelines, and the registration of complaints.
  • Funeral Consumers Alliance: A nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of funeral consumers. FCA has about 100 state chapters. Online forums and a discussion group are also offered.
  • Funeral Ethics Organization: Founded by Lisa Carlson to promote ethical dealings in all death-related transactions.
  • An unbelievable resource for consumers to ask questions is where Lisa Carlson will answer your questions for Free!

Home Funeral Training and Education Sites

  • Beyond Hospice, an educational training course for death midwives and home funeral guides offered by Donna Belk.
  • Crossings, Caring for Our Own at Death: Beth Knox provides educational seminars that prepare individuals to carry out family-directed funerals.
  • Final Passages: Jerrigrace Lyons provides educational seminars preparing individuals to carry out family-directed funerals.
  • Home Funeral Info: Donna Belk’s site includes a wealth of useful information on home funerals, including a state-by-state directory of home funeral providers and consultants.
  • Islamic Burial Society of North America: A resource for preparing the dead for Islamic burial.
  • Jewish Funerals, Burials, and Mourning: Organization providing information and assistance with traditional Jewish death practices.

Multimedia Resources, Videos, DVDs

Natural, Green Burial Sites and Directories

  • The Centre for Natural Burial: A resource center for green burial information and products, including a green cemetery locator.
  • Green Burial Council: Founded by Joe Sehee, the council establishes standards and provides certification for green cemeteries.
  • Cemetery Group: A directory of green cemeteries in the U.S.