What Others Are Saying About Undertaken With Love

Image by Ann Manning, used with permission“Suggestively titled, beautifully illustrated, gentle and persuasive in manner and content, Undertaken With Love is a new and valuable addition to death and dying movements across the country. The particular, and one may say daring, purpose of this booklet, sub-titled “A Home Funeral Guide,” is to enable and empower families and their support groups to play new, though historic, roles in the care of the dead. In an encouraging manner characteristic of the best mid-wives, the authors help people to re-imagine themselves as the death and dying attendants of old, and to accept responsibility for, and indeed take over, the processes surrounding death, even including the home preparation of the body for burial or cremation. The booklet imagines small groups, connected to a faith or secular community, that form around these tasks, and its six chapters coax them through all the processes with sane, informative, and confident advice and procedures. “You can do this, and it is worth doing” seems to be its message, and as such it carries the death education movement of recent decades to new ground. I applaud its ambitions and the extraordinarily helpful means and manner it has chosen to carry them out.”

~ Donald Heinz, Professor of Religious Studies Emeritus and former dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, California State University, Chico; teacher of the university’s death and dying course for 15 years; hospice trainer; Lutheran clergyman; author of The Last Passage: Recovering a Death of Our Own (Oxford 1999).

Congratulations on your guide, which is a well done and important work!”

~ Mark Harris, environmental journalist and author of the bestseller Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial (Scribner, 2008)


Image by Ann Manning

Image by Ann Manning

“The work of your committee is amazing. I’m really impressed with both the clarity and compassion. I’ll bet Jessica Mitford has already downloaded a copy via celestial messenger.”

~ Paul Jeschke, former reporter for ABC News, working on a book about death and dying in America

“This is a good thing, a welcome development. Home funerals can return death rituals to places that meant something to the people who have died — unlike the eerily calm generic chapel of a funeral home, a space in which the deceased person probably spent zero time in life.”

~ Bill Tammeus, retired columnist for the Kansas City Star and author of Faith Matters, one of America’s top religion blogs

“What a wonderful resource. I am eager to hear how faith communities respond to it.”

~ John Eric Rolfstad, executive director, People’s Memorial Association, Washington State

“AMAZING!!! Great work.”

~ Erika Nelson, M.S.W., licensed funeral director and home funeral advocate in Ann Arbor, Mich.